Our activities

Project management of tool production

Support with the preparation of the tender documents for the contractor

Setting up and managing of the schedule according to the required milestones

Organization of the project team meetings according to the current situation

Organization of approval of individual steps in production, eg: manufacturability, methodical plan, layout, tool design, model acceptance and other

Creation of process documentation, eg: FMEA, FAP, regular reports, etc.

Organization of parts production and delivery (VFF, PVS, 0S ...)

Organization of the acceptance of production on the serial and replacement technology

Organization of quality loops according to customer requirements

Change Management - Evaluation of changes in terms of manufacturability and price costs, planning and organization of changes (organization of advance production, preparation of change schedule and supervision of its implementation, etc.), implementation of the tool after the change (planning and organization of installation and production to the production technology, evaluation of the changes and others)

Selling the tool to the customer

Tool manufacturing technology

Preparation of production documentation

Surveying of the schedule fulfillment (organization of production, control of suppliers, etc.)

Resolving crisis situations, eg in machining period, etc.

Support in the manual production phase

Planning and organization of implementation

Implementation of the tools to the production technology

Preparation of the tool before transport to the customer (acceptance of the tool at the suppliers place – checking of the die spotting, audit and measurement protocols, checking of the completeness of the tool including a spare parts and others)

Planning and preparing the first setting on the production technology

Processing of outputs from the pressing (planning and organization of the quality loops, respecting the customer requirements, etc.)

Organizing the selling of the tool to the final customer

Attending the tool production by the supplier

Management of the activities in the particular phases of the tool production

Regular reporting to the customer

Crisis management

Checking and abidance of the customer's quality requirements

Organization of the approve proces at the suppliers place

Surveying of the schedule fulfillment




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